About the system LC600®

Innovative system for fireplace construction

The LC600® panel, which is the main component of the system, is designed to create a light and warm fireplace cladding. By producing the fireplace panel from natural materials, the panel is both fibre-free and non-flammable. In addition, the production process of the LC600® fireplace panel is done in harmony with nature - no harmful substances or gases are produced during production, so the fireplace panel and its production are environmentally friendly.

Close scientific and technical cooperation between CSTEC and TOMBET, combined with the knowledge, experience and expertise of the fireplace construction industry resulted in the LC600® ultra-light warm system.

The whole system is lightweight and easy to assemble with only basic carpentry tools.

Ecology and sustainable development

More than 50% of the composition consists of recycled raw materials.This makes the LC600® fireplace panel part of sustainable development. It is a completely safe product and no toxic substances or harmful gases are released during the production process. It is an example of how modern materials can contribute to a bright and clean planet.

Advantages of the system LC600®

Technology in harmony with nature

Made from composite materials, the product is

•non-flammable: A1 according to DIN 4102
• dimensionally stable up to 750 °C
• mechanical compressive strength> 8MPa
• bending strength> 2 MPa
• conductivity coefficient λ> 0.08W / (m / K)
• non-toxic and pollution-free
• resistant to acids, bases and organic solvents
• it is not biologically sensitive


The LC600® fireplace panel is a lightweight product which makes it significantly easier to install. The dust-free characteristics of LC600 ensure that the fireplace chamber remains smooth.



The LC600® fireplace system offers a much better heating solution than so-called cold fireplace systems traditionally made of plasterboard + mineral wool or calcium silicate boards.


System LC600®

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entire fireplace system LC600

A fireplace made in the LC600 ® system emits heat through convection and radiation. Therefore, the LC600 ® fireplace system is a more human -friendly solution than the so-called "Cold" fireplace systemsare traditionally made of mineral wool + GK or of calcium-silicate boards.

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